The research at the Department of Mathematics focus on 3 main thematic pools:
mathematical analysis, discrete mathematics and statistics and probability.

In addition, there exists research teams in differential geometry and in didactics of mathematics.

List of members (complete directory)
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Mathematical Analysis
Mathematical Analysis

Team of prof. F. Bastin
F. Bastin, L. Demeulenaere, C. Esser

Team of prof. S. Nicolay
A. Deliège, T. Kleyntssens,
L. Reynaerts, S. Nicolay

Team of prof. J.-P. Schneiders
C. Dubussy, J.-P. Schneiders

Discrete mathematics
Discrete Mathematics

Team of Prof. G. Hansoul
  • Algebra and logic

L. De Rudder, G. Hansoul, J. Raskin

  • Theory of cooperative games,
  • Reliability of coherent systems,
  • Aggregation operators.

Team of Prof. M. Rigo
  • Combinatorics on words,
  • Theory of automata,
  • Formal languages,  
  • Numeration systems,
  • Combinatorial games.

E. Charlier, J. Leroy, V. Marsault, A. Massuir, M. Rigo, M. Stipulanti
Statistics and probability
Statistics and probability

Team of Prof. G. Haesbroeck
  • Robust statistics,
  • Multivariate analysis,
  • Spatial statistics.

S. Aerts, M. Ernst, G. Haesbroeck

Team of Prof. Y. Swan
Research in probability: 
  • Stochastic approximation,
  • Stein's method,
  • Characterization problems.
Research in statistics:
  • Rank methods,
  • Inference for stable distributions,
  • Spherical models.

E. Clette, T. Gallouët, G. Mijoule, Y. Swan

Team of prof. C. Timmermans

S. Klenkenberg, C. Timmermans

  • Differential geometry,
  • Formal deformations of algebras,
  • Cohomology of algebras,
  • Twisted graded algebras,
  • Numeration systems.

Team of Prof. P. Mathonet
  • Natural operators, 
  • Representations of Lie (super)algebras,
  • Equivariant quantizations,
  • Quantum entanglement.

P. Mathonet, N. Zenaidi
Didactics of mathematics
Didactics of mathematics

Team of Prof. M. Schneider
  • Epistemological and didactic obstacles,
  • Didactic engineering,
  • Training of teachers.

K. Bahlan, P. Henrotay,
G. N. Nguyen, M. Schneider